Using Instructional Materials for Effective Teaching Practice in Nigerian Schools


  • Lilian Achigaonye (Mrs)



Teaching Practice, Instructional materials, ICT, Schools


Teaching at any level requires that the students be exposed to some form of instruction. The ultimate purpose of an effective teaching and learning is to bring about change on the part of the learner. Teaching Practice is practical oriented exercise designed to expose trainee teachers to what they will encounter after graduation in actual classroom situation. Teaching Practice equips the trainee teachers with the skills to stand and control the class. This paper therefore is intended to investigate the concept of Teaching Practice, instructional materials and types such as graphic or two-dimensional materials, reading materials, audio material, models and real objects were discussed to enhance effective Teaching Practice. It is concluded that instructional materials bring content or what is being taught to the perceptual level of the learner. Therefore, it is very important for the student teacher to use teaching materials/aids to make teaching and learning simple, interesting, systematic, and positively interactive and motivation of educational experiences especially in their subject area

Author Biography

Lilian Achigaonye (Mrs)

Department of Primary Education Studies,
Federal College of Education (Tech), Bichi, Kano State.
08057465916, 09034942120




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A., L. (2019). Using Instructional Materials for Effective Teaching Practice in Nigerian Schools. Azare Journal of Education, 10(1), 115–123.



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