Effective Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum: Panacea for Youth Unemployment and Insecurity in Nigeria


  • Jacob David Gofwan
  • Idris Ibrahim
  • Yakubu Bala




Youth, Unemployment, Insecurity, Entrepreneurship education


The progress of any nation is closely related to the level of resourcefulness of its people, which to a great extent, relates to the level of quality of the training and purposeful development of education in that nation. Such development could take place when an individual in the society is gainfully employed and per capita income is enhanced. This could only be possible when government educational policies are geared towards a functional education that can lead to job creation and selfreliance. Entrepreneurship educationis a means through which government could attain such development in the society. Therefore, the paper focuses on addressing youth unemployment and insecurity in Nigeria through functional entrepreneurship education. It examines concepts of youth, unemployment, causes of youth unemployment and insecurity, nexus between unemployment and insecurity, entrepreneurship education, objectives of entrepreneurship education, challenges facing entrepreneurship education in Nigeria, entrepreneurship as antidotes to youth unemployment and insecurity. The paper went further to proffer some recommendations that if Nigeria takes will help to address the problems of youth unemployment and insecurity.

Author Biographies

Jacob David Gofwan

Department of General Studies,
Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare
[email protected]

Idris Ibrahim

Departement of Curriculum & Instructions,
ASCOE, Azare
[email protected]

Yakubu Bala

Departement of Primary Education,
ASCOE, Azare
[email protected]




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D. G, J., I., I., & B, Y. . (2019). Effective Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum: Panacea for Youth Unemployment and Insecurity in Nigeria. Azare Journal of Education, 10(1), 201–208. https://doi.org/10.1833/aje.v10i1.24



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