Using Visual Arts Pedagogies to Motivate Creative Thinking Among Students of Higher Learning


  • Ameen A. Ahmed



Creativity, Visual Arts, Innovation, Learning, Motivation


The intention of this paper is to illustrate the potentials of the visual arts as driving force that fosters creativity and innovation in school settings and suggests the application of visual arts creative strategies in developing creativity amongst students of other disciplines. The author suggests that the visual arts, as with other creative arts disciplines, can be potent instruments for change in general education by critically reviewing art pedagogies and connecting them to curriculum reform in line with research on creativity and innovations occurring in other fields. To achieve this outcome, the paper suggests that, both curriculum documents and teaching practices in visual arts need to be aligned to promote key educational principles. Extending visual education beyond the parameters and boundaries of visual arts education would also pave way for integrated teaching of subject content. The paper suggests that, some degree of interdisciplinary idea is needed because the realm of the visual arts overlaps with many school subjects and this invariably will challenge old curriculum constructs. Creating greater partnerships between educationalists interested in exploring the use of visual communication in multi-disciplinary teaching will be a positive way to help teachers and students from diverse disciplines understand the complexity and power of visual imagery. These issues are examined in the paper in consideration of literatures related to the instructions in the visual arts, reviewing such areas as visual arts and creative pedagogies, as well as teaching visual arts for creativity. The discussion at the conclusion of the paper brings together these issues and establishes a case for using the visual arts in schools to motivate higher levels of creative engagement amongst students of general education.

Author Biography

Ameen A. Ahmed

Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare,
Bauchi State, Nigeria
E-mail: [email protected]




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A. A, A. (2019). Using Visual Arts Pedagogies to Motivate Creative Thinking Among Students of Higher Learning. Azare Journal of Education, 10(1), 225–238.



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