Waiting Period for Mourning the Death of Husband ('IDDATU-L-WAF?T) Among Muslim Women in Ilorin


  • AbdulWaheed Jamiu


Waiting Period, Mourning, Death, Husband, Muslim Women


Death is unavoidable. It is a pill that every soul will taste. Human lineage is cherished by Isl?m. After the demise of a husband, his wife has to wait to observe 'iddatu-l-waf?t before she can re-unite to another man in marriage. 'Iddatu-l-waf?t is duration of four months and ten days that a woman must observe to mourn her dead spouse as well as to ascertain her womb status in order to avoid attributing unborn baby to a wrong father. 'Iddatu-l-waf?t is not new to Muslim women in Ilorin. But due to infiltration of external influence, the term worn a new form which makes the women perceive the period as threat to womanhood. Thus, this paper focuses on highlighting the concept of 'iddatu-l-waf?t as well as to pinpoint some innovations integrated into 'iddatu-l-waf?t by some people in Ilorin. The method adopted in this research included observation, interview and literary appraisal. The paper recommends that regular enlightenments should be intensified by Isl?mic clerics to curb irregularities in 'iddatu-l-waf?t.

Author Biography

AbdulWaheed Jamiu

Department of Arabic Medium,
Muhyideen College of Education, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
(08061134312, 08056605338)




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Jamiu, A. (2019). Waiting Period for Mourning the Death of Husband (’IDDATU-L-WAF?T) Among Muslim Women in Ilorin. Azare Journal of Education, 10(1), 307–313. Retrieved from https://aje.ascoea.edu.ng/index.php/aje/article/view/35



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