Literature and Conflicts Resolution in Nigeria For Sustainable Development


  • Ado Sanda Yandamo



Literature, Ethnicity, Environment, Conflicts Resolution, Sustainable Development


This paper examined the unifying role of literature in political, social, and religious diversities that exist in Nigeria, which most of the time resulted in serious arguments, distrusts and conflicts at the expense of national development. Therefore, since literature is the reflection of man and what is going on in his environment, three literary books have been used: Hope in Anarchy, The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born and Songs of the Marketplace. The writers of these books portrayed the higher rate of corruptions, extra judicial killings and other social vices that are taking place in the country. These social vices were satirically criticized by the authors of these literary books. Therefore, some of these criticisms have been analyzed by this paper and came to the conclusion that literature has a role to play in conflict resolution in the country for sustainable development.

Author Biography

Ado Sanda Yandamo

G.S.E. Department, Federal College of Education (Tech.), Bichi,
Kano State




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A. Y, S. (2019). Literature and Conflicts Resolution in Nigeria For Sustainable Development. Azare Journal of Education, 10(1), 42–49.



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